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Federico Correa

painter, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

"Federico Correa's large-scale paintings are visually compelling and emotionally violent and painful. They are filled with highly charged familial issues. These naratives contain diliberate aspects of sexuality, incest, incertitude, provocation, death and expulsion. Therein lies the extreme clash of the traditional family hierarchy.

The figures in these paintings are anonymous but identified by their gender. Their roles are abusive and exaggerated. Parental figures are often distorted and sometimes appear as horrific nurturing animals. Childlike figures are nondescript. Their identity is portrayed through a presence of innocence. While these central figures hover and occupy large portions of the canvas, secondary characters are usually interwned in sexually oriented positions. They collide physically and emotionally with one another as if in a dream."

Timothy Close
Executive Director
Boise Art Museum

"Fighter con Puppets "

"Mother as Monster"

"Mother's Bra "

"Quien eres tu quien eres tu "

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