-'Where the Hippo meets his fate without decreasing' by Per Ölund
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"Complex and possessed both as a man and an artist" / Hans Viksten

"One raises one´s hat for the relaxed and impressive outcome." / Lars-Erik Selin

"Per Ölund is indeed different, without being odd. Behind everything he does there is something deeply personal, something completely natural and yet original." / Kristina Forsberg

"Colorful, imaginative people, painted in strange twisted motions." / Stig Edling

"Intimate closeups of vibrating nerves and pulsating veins. But whats running in the veins are no longer blood, it is someting that looks more like wandering sperms." / Peder Alton

"Ölund works in the surrealistic, psychological tradition where the sexuality and the family are scrutinized. Its a sequence of very effectual pictures." / Peder Alton

"The playfulness comes down in a very decorative balance and exactness, which seems come from the life´s inherent order rather than from the artists intellectual calculations" / Lisen Hessner

"Through and through pleasing in his serious endeavor and his mysterious profusion." / Kristina Karlstam

"Per Ölund: savage furious and dynamic, absurd or even - in a constructive sense - 'mad'." / Torbjörn Lundquist

"An exhibition which definitely is being more about life and its context and the prevailing current condition than about art." / Mats Arvidsson

"He depicts the inner livingroom, were we perhaps hide a jumble of contradictions. The uncleaned livingroom in which we don´t invite any guests." / Margareta Nilsson

"Grotesque pictures which depicts lustfulness." / Olle Bergqvist

"Per Ölunds irony is rough and provocative" / Kurt Overas

"True naive fervour." / Cecilia Stam

"Slightly sick to the stomach, death tired and at the same time pleasantly affected."
/ Louise Drangel

"There runs a strong sensual and erotic vein thru his creativity. It is as painfully absurd as it is voluptuous." / Stig Johansson

"His drawings concludes a lot of passion and restlessness." / Stig Johansson.

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