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Channa Bankier Channa Bankier
Born 1947. Swedish painter and musician, has gone wild woman with her Mac and has computerized her unique and scandalous life.
 Channa Bankier was educated at the Royal College of Fine Arts in Stockholm, Sweden. "'Fine' my twat", she thought, and immediately turned raunchy in a most beautiful and magical way. She allows the subjects of her canvases to change gender, piss in public, and have sex with abandon: obscure rituals influenced by Jewish and Oriental traditions infused with beauty, joy, anxiety, and anger illuminate her rare combination of sensitivity and intelligence in her work.
 Currently she is the uncrowned Swedish Queen of Scandal - when she eviscerated the Swedish Royal family one by one on a popular radio show; her career as a controversial radio personality was put on hold. (It had started decades earlier with two hours of incessant Buddhist monk chants followed by advice to listeners to take a shit more often.)

 Channa Bankier is a well established artist in Sweden, represented in the Swedish modern art museum, (Moderna Museet). Occasionally she appears as a guest on television talk shows, and has to date, published two books: "Hemifrån" (My Piece of Land) and "Tattuerade Inälvor" (Bowels with Tattoos). Homepage: >>

"Ur Höga Visan"
Serigrafi -92

"Ur Höga Visan"
Serigrafi -92

"Ur Höga Visan"
Serigrafi -92

"Blade Runner"
Databild -99

"Svart Dronning"
Databild -97

Databild -2002

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