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Richard Renaldi Richard Renaldi

New York City, USA.

Richard Renaldi has photographed the inhabitants of New York City since 1993.
"I'll just walk up to people and say - hi, I'm a photographer."
"People are intrigued by my camera. It's a huge piece of equipment and it looks like it came from another planet. It's made of mahogany with brass fittings and vermillion leather bellows, so people think it's an antique."

Richard Renaldi´s images include the hip-ness of Silverlake youth, the elder on Hollywood Boulevard and the ordinariness of Venice racquetball players. It is the humanity in each that Renaldi is after; the difficult and elusive commonality that binds all cultures and generations together. It is in his masterful touch, similar to the writings of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, where the audience knows the taste and smell, the difficulty as well as the marvel of our brief human life.

Richard Renaldi´s clients: Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, HIV+, New York Magazine, Village Voice and others.
All images copyright © richard renaldi, 2005. All rights reserved.

"Roy and William "


"Curtis and Steven "

"Wendy and John"

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"The Plains" - an exhibition of color photographs
January 25 –March 3, 2007.
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